Seasonal Maintenance on Your Schedule

When you sign up for our maintenance agreement, you get two visits a year to ensure your air conditioning and heating system is running smoothly to give you the comfort you expect.

Time is money - save both with maintenance

Save money

Save money with a system checkup and don't risk being surprised by a system failure or big repair bill. This frees you to do other things, like relaxing.

Check, and check

Our multi-point inspection leaves no stone unturned; or in your case, no unit unable to put up with Texas' harsh weather.

Repair or replace

Replacement of parts and components designed to wear out is normal. However, if we find that a repair is needed, we will provide you with a free quote of the work we recommend.

Give it a boost

Boosting the efficiency of your system is the name of the game. From replacing air filters to cleaning drain lines, it all works together.

Service Details

Preventative Spring and Fall service includes a diagnostic check on your unit(s) to ensure performance for the upcoming seasons.

On your schedule

One Spring and one Fall visit (completed in order of whichever comes first) for 12 months.

Spring cleaning

Blow out drain lines, placement of anti-algae tablets in drain pan, rinse off outside condenser unit, inspection of components: thermostat, condenser coil, evaporator coil if accessible, and refrigerant charge.

Save more

Discounted coil cleaner kit is available if needed with purchase of a maintenance agreement.

Fall into comfort

Inspection and testing of electrical components or gas lines. Testing of electric heater in heat mode: heat strip amperage, blower motor current, ensure operation. Testing of gas furnace in heat mode: inspection of safety devices, check flame for roll out color, inspection of heat exchanger.
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